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Worldwide, secure electronic money

Pay for goods and services easily, securely and anonymously with SmartPay - the eMoney solution for those without bank accounts and people who want to pay privately online.

Registering is FREE and easy, and SmartPay Vouchers can be bought online or in over 25,000 stores across the UK, turning your cash into instant online credit to be used however you want.

The Benefits of SmartPay


SmartPay Card

The SmartPay Card offers all the features of the SmartPay Voucher with added benefits. The SmartPay Card was designed to give regular users increased flexibility and faster deposits.

  • The SmartPay Card can be topped-up easily online, on your mobile or at any of the 25,000 Payzone outlets.
  • Cash out at thousands of Payzones, or direct to your bank account *
  • Never give out your personal details again
  • No need to give credit or debit card details to websites or retailers
  • All transactions appear discreetly on your bank statement as ""

Once ordered, your SmartPay Card will be activated immediately and delivered securely by email.

* Payzone cashout coming September 2013.


The Benefits of SmartPay Voucher

Lots of people choose eMoney to make online transactions - SmartPay Voucher is ideal for:

  • Online bingo and casino players
  • Those with poor credit or poor credit history
  • People purchasing personal goods and services discreetly
  • Students
  • Teenagers
  • Online gamers
  • New British Nationals
  • Security conscious shoppers

Extra Secure

SmartPay Voucher is the most secure eMoney voucher available on the market, utilizing an extra layer of alphanumeric encryption we call SVST (Secure Voucher System) to keep your transaction secure.

This unique feature makes fraud through phishing and phoney merchants a thing of the past, without compromising ease of use when it comes to making a transaction.

The randomly generated 5 digit PIN of the SVST must be used in conjunction with the full 16 digit voucher code. Only genuine merchants are able to combine the voucher code with part of the PIN for a successful transaction.

Available worldwide Buy a SmartPay Voucher

SmartPay Vouchers can be purchased with cash or card at any one of 25,000 local stores across the UK that are part of the Payzone network. To find your nearest store
click here.

In Store

Available to purchase online here or at any of our growing number of authorised online resellers.


SmartPay terminals will be coming to a shopping, sporting or entertainment venue near you soon.



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For Merchants

SmartPay gives merchants access to new customers who want to make the most of a simple, secure payment method to pay for goods and services online.
Why choose SmartPay?

  • SmartPay Vouchers are the most secure eMoney voucher - popular with security conscious shoppers
  • They can be easily purchased online, in store and at terminals to be redeemed on your website
  • The SmartPay API is easily integrated into merchant sites to give card acceptance facilities
  • Ideal for SMEs that require a worldwide PCI compliant card payment solution
  • Perfect for goods and service providers with clients and customers who want to maintain anonymity

Please get in touch with us for more information about
SmartPay for merchants.